We are currently in a health crisis with our children. My specialty is working with parents in order to educate, support, offer suggestions and resources in order to raise children in a wholeness of health and well being. This will look different from family to family based on personal health focus. According to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity for children and adolescents aged 2-19 is at 18.5% and affects about 13.7 million children and adolescents. This does not include children and adolescents who are overweight. It is my passion and desire to assist families who want to prevent becoming a statistic, or to make permanent lifelong changes for those who are a statistic. Work with me to make permanent lifestyle changes that are easy and comfortable to incorporate into your new norm!!

Integrative nutrition is more than just food. It looks at wellness holistically from a lens of prevention, improvement and overall life enjoyment. I realize that each individual is different with various health and nutritional needs. My goal is to cater to each individual's requirement. Hence, I believe in imparting you with the knowledge of nutrition and in helping you learn why and what you will be doing in the nutrition plan that is customized for YOU!

Many people endeavor to take on a diet plan and do not have encouraging results. The reason is one size does not fit all. Self-help books. Talk shows. Google. You might have tried them all and still be struggling with health problems.

If you do not know where to start, or how to keep going, seeking help from me to program something that is individually customized to your needs is a logical step. Communication and feedback will allow you to be more involved in your customized plan.


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