6 Month or 3 month Program

  • Bi-Monthly Meetings (In-Person or Remotely)
  • Email or Text Support between Sessions
  • Handouts and Resources
  • Giveaways
  • Optional services listed below


  • Initial Consultation
  • Implementing Essential Oils into the Daily Routine
  • iTOVi Scan
  • Recommendations on Healthy Eating

Integrated Nutrition

  • Initial Consultation with Health History
  • Education on Label Reading
  • Robust Nutrition Plan based on Health History
  • Essential Oils Education

6  or 3 Month Program

It has been proven that a longer-term program is more likely to develop permanent lifestyle changes. This program is client driven with my guidance and recommendations. We will meet the same day and time every other week to discuss goals, direction, what’s good and new and what has happened since our last session. My 6-month program allows creativity and for you to be in control of your health! I will provide many resources as well as optional services listed above, depending on the direction you would like to go. 

Optional Services: Grocery Tours, Pantry & Refrigerator Makeovers, Label Reading Education, Recipe Revampings, Essential Oils Education, iTOVi Scans.


The 6 program and all its benefits cost $255/mo.  My 3 month program is $299 per month. To learn more about this plan, please Contact Me!

The Essentials

The "Essentials" package will start with an initial consultation where we get to know each other to understand your current food habits, activity levels, health & nutritional goals, etc. Based on your inputs, I will create a robust plan to integrate essential oils to improve the overall well-being of YOU! This initial consultation is free to those who don't have a dōTERRA account or are not currently working with a Wellness Advocate. This free consult includes an iTOVi Scan and follow-up scan if you enroll with your own account.

If you currently have an account and are working with a Wellness Advocate, there will be a $30 charge for the education on essential oils, and a separate charge for an iTOVi Scan. Contact Me for details.

Integrative Nutrition Individual Services

Integrative Nutrition is more than just food. It looks at wellness holistically from a lens of prevention, improvement and overall life enjoyment. I am all about choices. Although I highly recommend the 6 month program for lasting habit changing behavior, I am offering some individual services. I am able to do all of these services remotely for those not living nearby except the iTOVi scan. The grocer tour and pantry and refrigerator make-overs can be done by FaceTime if need be.


-Health History Consultation: FREE!
-30 min. label-reading education: $40.00
-45 min. Recipe Revamp Session: $45.00
-90 min. Grocery Tour: $100, includes follow up email with suggestions.
-90 min. Pantry Or Fridge Make-Over: $100, includes follow up email with suggestions.
-5 Day Menu Plan: $60.00 or 30 days for $300 (receive 5 days FREE!)
-iTOVi Scan Including Follow-Up Scan: $35.00 (local only)

Contact Me for details. I will also offer discounted group rates for those of you who would like to get some friends together.

The iTOVi Scanner provides you a personalized report of oils and supplements your body might need to be healthier. The iTOVi Scanner combines temperature, pressure sensor, and Bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations.

Ready to Transform?

Ready to learn and transform yourself? I am here to help you achieve your health & wellness goals. Contact me to learn more about the services!