I Have More Energy and Improved Digestion!

“Dani Shahan has been a role model of health as long as I have known her. Health and nutrition is not just a fad or a new choice in her life. It has been a lifetime of conscious health decisions toward wellness. I recently reached out to Dani for more information about dōTERRA essential oils. She more than proved herself knowledgeable and was able to assist with reducing my stress by diffusing oils. She also introduced me to a vitamin regimen, which has given me more energy and improved digestion. Dani has helped me achieve better overall wellness and is always grateful to be able to help others with her expertise.”

~Danelle Whalen


I Would Recommend Danielle to Anybody…

I would like to share with everyone Danielle’s knowledge and experience with guiding others into a healthy direction! She is incredibly knowledgeable and over the years has helped get me back on track with nutrition and exercise. Her beautiful personality shines through every time I have needed her guidance and expertise. She really knows her stuff, has researched it, and has years of living with it in her own life. I would recommend Danielle to anybody wanting to take the next step with their health and nutrition. You will be so happy you did!

~Becky Copenhaver


I Changed My Eating Habits and I’m Working Out

“I have known Danielle for almost 30 years. Never once did she try to influence me or try to tell me that I needed to start eating better or that I should start working out. Danielle is not that type of person. She accepts everyone for who they are and is always there willing to help if asked. When she would go for a run, I would ride her bike alongside her. One day I thought to myself, ‘I want to be more like that (active).’

Almost 30 years later, I am still running, when my knees will allow and for as long as my back and hips can withstand. My eating habits are so much better than they ever were. I have changed my eating habits and am working out 4-5 days a week. Danielle exudes so much love for life, and others.”

~Michon Mancell


Do you know how much money you helped me save?

With all the health issues that I have, do you know how much money I would have spent if I had gone to the doc with all these issues? Initial visits, followed by tests, ultrasounds, and you name it. Oh, and let’s not forget the cost of the medicine to combat the side effects of the first round. Thank you so much for helping me out! Couldn’t be more grateful! Thanking God for you and all His amazing plans!

June 14th is when I began my dōTERRA supplements, and we recently added the Deep Blue supplements, Terrazyme, and PB assist. Honestly, it’s been only a month, and my stomach issues are gone completely and my headaches are so rare and totally manageable! My hair fall rate has gone down dramatically! Thanks a lot, Dani!”

~Tracy Harwood


Absolutely Life Changing…

“I wanted to share with everyone my experience with a couple of dōTERRA products that have literally changed my life. The dōTERRA Deep Blue products are absolutely amazing for anyone who suffers from acute joint and muscle pain or from chronic pain due to arthritis or other joint ailments. Dani Shahan introduced me to these products back in 2015 and it has absolutely been life-changing. I suffer from stiffness, pain in my ankles, knees, and hips. When I first started talking with Dani about this, she recommended Deep Blue Complex and the Deep Blue Rub. I take one complex in the morning and at night. I use the rub only as needed. In the beginning, I was taking Motrin and Tylenol around the clock with little relief. I couldn’t sleep at night due to the pain. Today after starting the Deep Blue Complex my joint pain does not keep me awake any longer and I wake up in the morning with less pain and stiffness. I’ve been able to reduce my intake of Motrin and Tylenol as well.

One other product I have found to be a lifesaver is the Past Tense Roll On. I have severe headaches and neck pain due to a neck injury sustained in an MVA (head-on collision). I have muscle spasms and headaches due to the injury. Past Tense is the only thing I’ve found the relieves the pain without narcotics. Try it!! I hated the way narcotics make you feel and cannot function while taking them. Past Tense is truly a great alternative.

I cannot thank Dani enough for working with me on these issues and driving all the way to Idaho to host classes with me. She’s absolutely been wonderful to work with. Thanks, Dani!”

~Amy Parker

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